ManageMy’s engagement platform offers core insurance functionality…

…and aggregates complementary features and services.

Sales and Renewals

  • Differentiate your brand.
  • Deliver personalized communications.
  • Targeted customer up-sell and cross-sell programs.
  • Deliver digital experiences, services and benefits.
  • Access data to drive customer insights.
  • Improve proposition development.


  • Maximize reach with mobile, web and hybrid interfaces.
  • Create a frictionless customer onboarding journey.
  • Seamlessly gather relevant customer profile data.
  • Rules engines classify risk and guide the customer journey.
  • Lower costs through digital document delivery.
  • Instant and secure access to important documents.

Reduce call volume and move to paperless communication to lower costs, give customers full control, and deliver a better experience.

Portfolio and Policy Management

  • Gain efficiencies by offering customer “self-service”.

  • Improve customer service by offering instant access to quotes, applications and policies.

  • Optimize call center costs by digitizing existing customer interactions.

  • Enable two-way communication with your customers.

  • Integrate easily into your existing processes.


  • Ease customer reporting with digital claims notification.

  • Reduce turnaround times and costs with guided requirements information.

  • Manage fraud with digital certification and blockchain technology.

  • Improve service with progress tracking and updates.

  • Enhance consistency of customer experience.

Grow your company with a platform to build trust, add value and engage customers with personalized services that make life easier.

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