Large Multinational P&C Insurer

ManageMy’s onboarding and renewal solution enables large insurers to secure new affinity partners.


  • Differentiate offering to attract large affinity partner.

  • Design and deliver end-to-end digital onboarding and renewal journey.

  • Significantly reduce the cost of fulfilment and renewal.

  • Enable acceptance and document provision in real-time.

  • Integrate affinity partner services.


  • Affinity partner secured.

  • End-to-end digital application, fulfilment and renewal customer journey.

  • Insurer cost savings of 57%.

  • Customer profile with secure document storage.

Next Phase

  • Integration of affinity partner services.

  • Insurer upsell and cross-sell campaigns.

  • The digitization of the claims process.

  • Integration of telematics offering.

UK Life Insurer

ManageMy delivers an improved customer experience to optimise value from Direct To Consumer (DTC) business.


  • Improve onboarding and persistency of DTC business.

  • Reduce costs by digitizing fulfilment.
  • Enhance in force customer value.

  • Differentiate offering in a fiercely competitive market.

  • Improve claims customer journey.

Launch Product

  • Creation of digital customer profiles.
  • Profile allows multi-channel customer communication.
  • Secure digital document storage.
  • Digitized top 5 in-force customer transactions.
  • Simplified upsell/cross sell capability.

Next Phase

  • Deploy ManageMy Claims module.
  • Integration of financial health check tool.

  • Digitize additional transactions.

Large Intermediary Network

Improved customer journey drives additional revenue for intermediary network.


  • Increase share of first notification of loss (FNOL) business.

  • Streamline claims process.

  • Improve communication with brokers.

  • Differentiate network offering.

  • Enhance overall proposition to customers.

Launch Product

  • Customer access to multiple providers’ documents.

  • Convenient multi-channel communication functionality.

  • Queries, reminders, FNOL and marketing channel.

  • Electronic claims submission and progress updates.

  • Personalized broker communication channel.

Next Phase

  • Digitize sales and onboarding.

  • Targeted intermediary upsell and cross-sell campaigns.

  • Integration of unique digital experiences.

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