Give your customers a rich experience: Inspire loyalty, increase revenues and lower costs

  • Intuitive user experience improves the buying, selling and servicing journeys.

  • Feature-rich engagement platform to capture user needs, share progress of applications and display policy information.

  • Easily integrate proprietary loyalty programs as well as third-party engagement tools and services.

Gain customer insights in real-time

Go beyond “provider” to “trusted partner”

Frictionless customer journeys

Designed with customer needs and usability at the core to ensure seamless interactions on all devices.

Upsell and cross-sell

Deepen customer relationships with rich messaging, data driven insights and attractive engagement features.

Stand out!

Differentiate your proposition by developing a customer focused digital ecosystem.

Benefits for Life and Property Casualty Insurers, as well as their Partners

  • Improve the customer experience

  • Create new revenue streams

  • Increase efficiency while reducing costs

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Secure, flexible architecture requires minimal support from your IT resource


The highest levels of authentication, authorization and encryption guarantee the safety of your customers’ data, while remaining accessible to you through our secure, cloud based services.

Speed to market

Easily configurable branding, visual and feature capabilities quicken speed to market so you can start building critically important emotional connections with your customers sooner than you think.

Integration and Installation

Deliver powerful customer experiences, even in challenging legacy IT environments. ManageMy offers a full API suite to enable easy integration with your existing applications and business processes.


ManageMy’s digital experience platform incorporates proprietary technology and cutting edge open source components, offering a seamless customer experience through integrated mobile, web and hybrid solutions.

Easier than you think

5 Steps to a Better Customer Journey

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